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Stealing Article Content Is On The Rise

Quality articles are becoming an endangered species – as article automation and theft are on the rise.

There are a number of writers that don’t even bother to do anything even when they are aware someone has stolen their article. Most don’t have the time or the patience to play content-cop; then again there are others who exhaust too much of their time and energy checking and tracking down each one of their site links; which can be very time consuming – taking away precious time they could be using to writing good content.

Writers that take another Writer’s content and make a few changes to the heading and/or text, then actually take credit for the article as an original piece of work, should be contacted by the originating author – who should at the least, request that the writer (thief) who borrowed (stole) it, to make the proper changes. At the same time, if someone pilfers your article you just may want to look at it as a form of flattery, apparently they thought your content worthy enough to rip off. Besides, if the content and links are still in place, don’t worry about it.

Keep in mind, as a Writer your job is to write and you can better serve your fans, followers and publishers if you were to concentrate your efforts on doing just that, “write”? Otherwise you may find that you will waste a lot of your time, money and effort trying to track down petty article-content thieves.

Article Automation – A Contributing Factor to Article Theft

One of the reasons article thefts are on the rise, besides greed and laziness, is because article writing is one of the most utilized Internet marketing media’s today. And as most Writers know, content is king.

So, in strolls automated article creation –programs created to change words within an article to make them unique enough to bypass the duplicate content filters. Used along with PLR articles aka Private Label Rights articles (that are freely available for use), this method provides the lazy Writer with a way to give potential customers a link back to their site where they will hopefully buy products.

Although Publishers have begun to recognize the different methods of article abuse and are making it more difficult to get articles approved and web sites are being penalized by search engines for duplicate content, the abuse still continues with the help of new automated program software.

The upside of Automation

Automation allows writers to submit their articles to a lot of sites quickly and easily, allowing more time to write original content. A problem occurs when those get-rich-quick-seekers are on the hunt for another shortcut to making money.

Eventually, the repetitive regurgitated content as provided by the use of automated software, PLR packs, and article spinners, etc. will run its useful course and quality content will once again rule. Until then, we may just have to wait for the get-rich-seekers to discover yet another marketing alternative to automate and abuse.

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Making Money with Articles: Picking Articles for Your Niche Site


Pick the articles for your niche sites very carefully to ensure that you are able to successfully get traffic and gain profit from these sites. If you are going to try and utilize free website content articles, then it may be difficult for you to find ones that have your exact keywords, so you may have to either make revisions to the articles (which may not be allowed on some free articles) or base your keywords on the articles that you find (which could leave you with very competitive keywords that would take a lot of time or money to attain a high ranking for). If you are going to buy content, make sure that you let the writer know what your niche keywords are and what your specific preferred keyword density and placement are. Remember, the wrong articles can leave you with little traffic and very low search engine rankings if they do not fit in properly with either your niche or with keywords that are easy to attain high rankings for.

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