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An Email Signature Can Be A Good Way to Promote A Blog

If you are planning to promote a blog, you may be asking yourself – how can I do it? And can it be done at a reasonable cost? Do not worry because there is an easy way to promote your blog and it can be done at no cost to you. All it takes is a few lines and that’s how the magic starts. A few lines in your email signature can make quite a bit of difference!

Tips for Writing an Effective Email Signature

An email signature doesn’t have to be long, your name, number, and perhaps a short pleasant phrase. Another way to look at an email signature is as an equivalent to a real world business card – its main purpose is to introduce you to visitors and readers and to provide them with a means to get in touch with you or find their way to your blog. Once you’ve composed your signature, include a link to your blog, and saved it in your email settings, and you’re all set.

Creating Your Email Signature Is Simple

An email signature is easy to set up and better yet, you can use it a thousand times each week and still not spend a single cent. Most popular email applications have a tool that allows you to set up your own email signature. This tool will then automatically add your signature to every email you send out.

If you have a Gmail account, just click settings at the top right of the page, under the general tab scroll down to signature, enter your name and/or a short phase, use the hyperlink option to include the URL to your blog, scroll to the bottom of the settings page and click the save button to save your new signature.

WiseStamp is another method of adding an email signature to bring functionality in every email you send. It not only works with Gmail, but also with other email service providers, such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, or any other webmail service. WiseStamp offers a little something extra, besides the ability to have a personal and business email signature; it has various apps, for sites like, Twitter, eBay and others. It allows you to share your latest tweet in your email, add the latest product you are selling on eBay to each email you send, and many other promotional options.

Imagine The Number of People You Send Email To

Branding is big business. Brands identify a product and are used by consumers to associate a company with a specific business or service. When you’re marketing online to promote your blog or your business, easily one of the most effective means to build your brand is using an email signature, one that will identify you and associate you with a specific type of service or information.

It is possible to send an email to thousands of people in just a single click of a button. That’s how powerful the Internet is, and it is an easy way to promote your blog. With your signature linked to your blog all the recipients of your email will be getting the direct link to your blog. This will certainly increase traffic on your site. It is obvious that with high traffic, the chances of your blog becoming more successful increase drastically. That’s the magic of email signatures.

With these tips in mind, you will have higher traffic of visits on your blog and that is definitely a win – win situation for you.


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#beatcancer to break previous Guinness World Record for “Most Widespread Social Network Message” in 24 Hours


Help Me #BreastCancer


Tweet, update your Facebook status update, or write a blog post with the hashtag #beatcancer to be part of setting a new Guinness World Record

10.14.2010– Last year, a Guinness World Record was set by Everywhere, out of Atlanta, Georgia (raising more than $70,000) for the “Most Widespread Social Network Message” with #beatcancer. In 24 hours the one-word phrase #beatcancerset the record contributing to the 209,771 unique mentions on Twitter, Facebook and blog posts.

That’s not good enough.

This year, #beatcancer is back and supporters want to break their own record.

On October 15, 2010 at 9am PST the official #beatcancer race for a new record begins via the BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

To participate simply add the hashtag #beatcancer (all one word) to any tweet, Facebook status update or blog post. That’s it. Anyone who adds this phrase ensures that in addition to a world record, money will be donated to further the efforts of selected non-profit cancer organizations.

The hope is to spawn a worldwide online message and raise money to fight cancer.PayPal and SWAGG – a product from Firethorn, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qualcomm – will donate ($0.05)* per mention of #beatcancer on Twitter, Facebook, or blog post during the 24 hour Guinness World Record attempt. All money will be donated to the designated cancer serving non-profits, LIVESTRONG Foundation,Bright Pink and Stand Up To Cancer.

The above post is a (partial) excerpt from Everywhere Social Media

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Female Abs – Oh La De Dotty How the Ladies Like To Rock That Body

Prior to this era, it was the men who were more focused on having a muscular hard body, and women were the one’s enjoying the “eye candy” display. So what do these men do, they go through rigorous training and exercise, excessive weight lifting – just to achieve six-pack abs. But times they are a changing. Move over fellows because now, women are also into the same thing. Many women believe that having a muscular body can be a gauge of their sexiness – a females crown and glory is no longer just her hair-do, no, it’s now her wash-board abs, and firm buttocks. However, a number of them are taking a different route to achieve the lotty-dotty hot body.

Studies show that more and more women are into getting six-pack abs because they are so conscious about their appearance- and are into rocking their sculpted muscle-tone body minus the fat. Since having six-pack abs indicate that one is slim and fit, many of them are into losing weight; and don’t want to look like an unrealistic pencil-stick air-brushed model. For those who are thinking of ways on how to get six-pack abs, losing weight can be an effective key but it is important that they familiarize themselves with the various means of weight loss before trying one.

Indeed, one of the most effective means of getting six-pack abs is to lose weight. And for most women, the easiest means of losing weight is through a weight loss program, which can either be followed by attending a class or can be used as a guide especially for online classes. Please bear in mind that not all programs will lead to desirable results. To ensure that the weight loss program will help you get six-pack abs, make sure you conduct thorough research on the available programs.

Nowadays, there are so many programs for losing weight. But, fitness experts categorize these into two—the clinical and the non-clinical. Clinical refers to the services provided in a health-care setting such as clinic or hospital and administered by licensed health care professionals like doctors, nurses, and dietitians who suggest scientifically-proven weight loss care and treatment. Here, services such as physical activities, nutrition education, and surgeries are included to ensure that the program will help the individual achieve a desirable body.

Non-clinical, on the other hand, pertains to commercially-operated weight loss procedures that are privately owned, such as in weight loss chains. This type usually requires people to join others in a support group, or a worksite program and may require patients to use the various foods or supplements offered by the program.

The so-called experts aren’t certain where to insert this next program, but the phenomenon keeps spreading! Dancing to lose weight and get fit.

Most women want to work out without having to really work out, and dancing seems to be the way to do it. Results can be seen from shows such as, “Dancing with the stars” and “Dance Your Ass Off.” However, not everyone qualifies to be a participant on those particular shows. But there are a number of dancing programs that are offered via DVD or through a class. Including, Zumba Fitness which offers a blend of hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves that can easily be taken to any dance floor.

Dance programs offer a way to achieve long-term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate you for life! Apparently, there is a right way, a wrong way, the clinical and non-clinical way, and now there’s the dancing or Zumba Fitness way to getting fit. Either way, working out can be a fun exciting way to getting those abs in shape.

Getting and staying healthy is one of the hottest and acceptable ways of socializing and networking – and women are leading the way. And at the head of the get fit program is the first lady of The United States of America, with the Health Initiative. Who better to follow than a serious lead by example woman, than the First Lady? The type of weight loss program you choose to get six-pack abs will depend on your schedule and your desired result. Remember, have fun.

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Become A Better Tweeter on Twitter


Tweeters from all over the world want to learn how to become a better tweeter in Twitter. How will you do this? It’s really not too difficult; basically it boils down to common courtesy – and don’t be a pest.

One of the first things you may wish to learn is how to ‘retweet’. You can definitely improve your standing in Twitter if you re-tweet. When one of your followers posts an appealing article or interesting comment, you can retweet it. If you do this, most of your followers will also do the same. Just imagine all your followers re-tweeting. When they add your user name to their updates, you will be exposed to even more users. But be careful in re-tweeting because you might not be posting interesting or helpful topics – read it before you retweet it. Make sure that you retweet only the good ones. How can you re-tweet? You no longer need to copy the original tweet and write the prefix RT, you just click the retweet at the bottom of the tweet. If you use TweetDeck, just hover your curser over the person’s profile pic and click retweet

Many users use Twitter to post tweets that no one is interested about. Who cares about what you ate for dinner or what you did last night – unless you did so with someone of interest to others. Perhaps your closest friends will appreciate that but what about the rest of the social community? It would be better if you send out informative tweets, no nonsense. By doing so, people will think of you differently. They will know and feel that you care one way or another. If you’re addressing your tweets to one person, try to indicate it so that others will know who you are referring to.

It’s a good idea to send replies often. Talking all day long is possible through Twitter – if that’s what you wish to do. Keep in mind followers like a person who knows how to listen as well as talk. You will probably find yourself laughing at dumb tweets but you must restrain yourself. Twitter is an application that allows people to communicate; so no matter how funny some tweets sound, try to appreciate them and reply courteously-do not attack anyone. Most Twitter users want to be heard on the web and if they find individuals who know how to listen, they are more interested in making friends.

In order to tweet better, you must be proactive.  Find some neat articles and helpful info online; when you find one, post it. Some might re-tweet it or you can find other users that are interested in meeting you and becoming Twitter buddies.  You don’t need to comment or write something all the time. Try to be careful in using your automatic messages and updates because you don’t want to become a pest to others with uninteresting info. You can also try using hashtags.  The keywords are preceded by # a number of users think that hashtags are really hot.

You can use (formerly tweetphoto) or click on the camera icon in TweetDeck to upload pictures. You can upload as many pictures as you wish, but choose your pics wisely. Your pictures can tell a lot about you and or the things that interest you. Through the pics, your followers can get to know you better. According to expert tweeters, pictures can tell a lot about you as compared to the posts you send.

Try these simple tips and be a better tweeter.   Why not? You have nothing to lose. If you’re new to Twitter, these tips can be very helpful. Don’t waste time anymore. Share neat stuff to your followers and your friends. Find interesting information or perhaps post promotional materials.

It’s up to you to use Twitter to the fullest. The site offers endless possibilities. Take advantage of them and have a great Twitter experience.

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There’s Not An App for That or Maybe Just Not One for You

Apps There’s no question Apple’s App Store has a huge lead over its competitors- Apple continues to release new apps to make handheld gizmos more attractive and awesome – boasting more than 50,000 Apps. However, Google Android and Blackberry Apps are also named in this post for being among the privileged. Unlike the aforementioned, Apps are not designed for use on other cell phones and the owners of said devices are feed up. At least this Samsung owner is. is a mobile application that reads text (SMS) messages and emails aloud in real time and automatically responds without drivers touching the mobile phone. is claiming to be the solution to texting while driving. This is an app supporting safety and just the type of app that should be available to every cell phone capable of using apps – not just the precious iPhone, Android, & Blackberry.
I’ve been a loyal AAA member since the 80s, but can I get the free app they offer, no – because I don’t have an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.
Shoot! I pay a nice piece of change to AT&T each and every month for the privilege of using my cell phone which happens to have 3 main menu screens that contain apps. Including AT&T GPS and Navigator, and Social Net which provides access to FB, Twitter, MySpace in a format similar but not, to TweetDeck.

Even Directv has an app so that you can use their DVR scheduler to record programs on your DVR, but if you don’t have an iPhone or what they call a Smart Phone (implying my phone is dumb?), you’re S.O.L on this feature as well. Why can’t you simply use your phone’s web browser to get to the scheduler? Why must there be an app used, and since you have to use an app, why is there no app for other phones?
There’s an app for just about everything:

Movies, music, and naturally there are some game applications that you can install on your iPhone, so you won’t get bored while traveling. Another great iPhone application is called Showtime, this particular application is for movie lovers that want to research upcoming movies in the nearest theaters.
WeatherBug , is an app that will give you the current weather in the state you are currently in or even the whole country, it can also provide a map that shows the storm track. I have My-cast weather on my phone of course there’s an extra monthly fee for its use. Whatever you want to spend money on, the iWant application will be able to find it for you – whether it is food, lodging, gas, banks, even coffee. My phone has "where" also available for an additional monthly fee.

If you travel a lot, then you will definitely love one of the iPhone applications that will be able to update you with traffic. With this, you will be able to avoid heavy traffic in cities all over the United States. Another great application for international travelers is the language translator. With this great application, you will find it easier to communicate with other people where English is not their primary language.
There’s even a Mad Men cocktail culture app, so that you’ll be able to mix drinks like the characters on the AMC series Mad Men – how clever is that.
These are just examples of the thousands of applications that you can download and use with your iPhone. Whatever you want, you can be sure that you will find the right applications that you need – But where are my special apps?
Why can’t the rest of us, cell carrying gadget lovers be supplied with all the cool apps available for iPhone & Android? I know I know I can just get one of the Smartphones and become a member of the cool app club, but why should I and others like me have to buy yet another phone – extending our contracts, just so we can be a part of the elite app club?

Breaking news, as of 9.28.10 there is now a StumbleUpon app for, yes, the damn iPhone, iPad, and Android. Oh, did I forget to mention that the app is free.
Lastly, in the world of mobile phone technology and multimedia gadgetry, the iPhone (and it’s Android competitors) is considered to be one of the most amazing devices ever made. But it does put me in mind of when windows replaced DOS – just point and click, because users were too lazy to write the commands. So what do cell phone apps say about its savvy gizmo users that must have them – well, how else are we going to lose the few active brain cells we have left? But, if you want a mobile device that will be able to provide you with all the applications you need to make your life a bit easier; a Smartphone may be the device for you. Apple iPhone Applications Will Simply Amaze You – I think my phone has amazing features too, but I want it to be even more amazing – I want it to be a smart phone. Apparently I have no choice but to upgrade to the (Smartphone) Samsung Captivate next week.

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The most common picture that comes to mind when people hear about stock trading is the one we see in movies where men in suits basically shout and wrestle each other in some huge New York building to bicker about money. Although to some extent, there is some truth to this image, trading in the stock market is actually a more complex concept that helps many people earn money and keep businesses alive.

The concept of trading basically consists of buying and selling stocks among individuals or companies through brokers. Through buying a share of stock or a share of ownership in a particular company, an individual can then benefit and earn money from the company they invested in based on how they do in the market.

There are two basic methods in which the stock market operates –on the exchange floor where buying and selling is done more traditionally and electronically where technology takes on the exchange game.

Trading On The Exchange Floor

The trading that occurs on the more traditional exchange floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is basically what most of us have become accustomed to from seeing it in the movies and on television. Basically, the NYSE consists of many brokers who negotiate the deals for individuals to be able to trade stocks.

As chaotic as the stock exchange floor may seem, there is actually a common pattern that occurs among most simple trades. First, an order to buy a certain number of stocks would be negotiated through a broker. After this, the broker’s order department would forward this arrangement to their floor clerk on the exchange. The floor clerk would then inform the company’s floor traders in order to find other traders that are willing to sell the equal number of stocks from the company that is offered to be bought. After the two parties agree on a price and close the deal, the message would be forwarded back up the line, and the broker would then inform the interested buyer on the final price. Negotiations may take a few minutes or even longer, depending on the performance of the stocks as well as the market. For more complex trades and larger orders of stocks however, there may be a more complicated process but the principles basically remain the same.

Trading Electronically

A growing trend these days however, is trading stocks electronically, which is done through advanced computerized systems. Unlike the NYSE that generally operates through the manpower of brokers, its counterpart, the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ), trades stocks completely through electronic means. These electronic markets do without human stockbrokers and instead make use of advanced computer networks to match buyers and sellers. And through this method, transactions are usually faster and more efficient.

Through electronic trading, investors get many benefits such as being able to get faster confirmations, as well as facilitating control by having online investing readily available through the Internet. However, brokers basically still handle the trades, as investors do not have direct access to the electronic markets.

The process that takes place in both methods however is usually hidden from investors. Typically, if you are an investor, a call from your broker and regular reports on your stock investments would be provided for you, but you will not really get to see what is happening behind the scenes.

As a result of the investments that individuals make, many businesses are kept afloat and running. And in exchange for this, investors get a fair share of earnings. Stock trading may be a complex process, but at the end of the day, many people basically benefit from all of it. As a result, the whole concept becomes simple.


Blogging, Lazier/Easier Than Writing an Article???

In today’s seriously more developed (or is it) blogosphere world, the viewpoint of most journalists, is that blogs are basically a laymen’s non-fact-finding opinion of their own views, or merely a journal entry.

This post is still under-development, the meat and potatoes of this topic is still resonating in my head. Once it’s fully developed I will of course serve it up and share it with readers, I suspect since it is a blog post, it is my choice to do so. BTW, this wasn’t as easy as it may appear.

Stay tuned…