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Social media commerce can help capture customers and generate sales

Social media commerce is a booming industry. By using social networks companies are able to make their products more readily available and more convenient for customers. Social media is a public venue which allows people and potential customers to: Connect, browse, blog, search, chat, shop, download, and listen. With that in mind, more and more companies recognize the need to develop and expand their customer base to generate revenue through social media, and are thereby building upon their online web personae. Selling online has become a great addition to the traditional brick and mortar sales, and social media has become one of the major cores in today’s e-commerce. Through social sites such as Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, and Twitter, companies have the opportunity to gain a deeper connection with their customer.

According to research and author, Marsha Collier – a recognized authority on social media marketing – there are four e-commerce strategies that should not be forgotten:

  • Keep your website fresh – Create a web presence that reflects your business and your company culture -make it accessible and engaging.
  • Include instructional videos – Link to videos that pertain to your business from your website and add a YouTube app to post them on your Facebook business page.
  • Friend and tag other businesses on Facebook – Be social — and help spread the word — by including other businesses in your posts.
  • Make social media fun – Keep the social conversation going – The most desirable social media personas are those who interact regularly.

Additional key factors to keep in mind in order to be successful and generate revenue through social media, can be based around three principles: Describe the company, how people can benefit from it, and why they’re different.

There is a large customer base to be utilized, potential customers communicate with each other by way of social media; a company that makes their products and services available on social media sites provides the convenience that most customers value and at the same time, unlocks future sales opportunities – because when customers recommend products and services to others on their social networks they are in fact promoting that company.

Although Social media is not a business model, it can definitely help capture customers and generate revenue if a company clearly has something to offer.


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#beatcancer to break previous Guinness World Record for “Most Widespread Social Network Message” in 24 Hours


Help Me #BreastCancer


Tweet, update your Facebook status update, or write a blog post with the hashtag #beatcancer to be part of setting a new Guinness World Record

10.14.2010– Last year, a Guinness World Record was set by Everywhere, out of Atlanta, Georgia (raising more than $70,000) for the “Most Widespread Social Network Message” with #beatcancer. In 24 hours the one-word phrase #beatcancerset the record contributing to the 209,771 unique mentions on Twitter, Facebook and blog posts.

That’s not good enough.

This year, #beatcancer is back and supporters want to break their own record.

On October 15, 2010 at 9am PST the official #beatcancer race for a new record begins via the BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

To participate simply add the hashtag #beatcancer (all one word) to any tweet, Facebook status update or blog post. That’s it. Anyone who adds this phrase ensures that in addition to a world record, money will be donated to further the efforts of selected non-profit cancer organizations.

The hope is to spawn a worldwide online message and raise money to fight cancer.PayPal and SWAGG – a product from Firethorn, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qualcomm – will donate ($0.05)* per mention of #beatcancer on Twitter, Facebook, or blog post during the 24 hour Guinness World Record attempt. All money will be donated to the designated cancer serving non-profits, LIVESTRONG Foundation,Bright Pink and Stand Up To Cancer.

The above post is a (partial) excerpt from Everywhere Social Media

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Become A Better Tweeter on Twitter


Tweeters from all over the world want to learn how to become a better tweeter in Twitter. How will you do this? It’s really not too difficult; basically it boils down to common courtesy – and don’t be a pest.

One of the first things you may wish to learn is how to ‘retweet’. You can definitely improve your standing in Twitter if you re-tweet. When one of your followers posts an appealing article or interesting comment, you can retweet it. If you do this, most of your followers will also do the same. Just imagine all your followers re-tweeting. When they add your user name to their updates, you will be exposed to even more users. But be careful in re-tweeting because you might not be posting interesting or helpful topics – read it before you retweet it. Make sure that you retweet only the good ones. How can you re-tweet? You no longer need to copy the original tweet and write the prefix RT, you just click the retweet at the bottom of the tweet. If you use TweetDeck, just hover your curser over the person’s profile pic and click retweet

Many users use Twitter to post tweets that no one is interested about. Who cares about what you ate for dinner or what you did last night – unless you did so with someone of interest to others. Perhaps your closest friends will appreciate that but what about the rest of the social community? It would be better if you send out informative tweets, no nonsense. By doing so, people will think of you differently. They will know and feel that you care one way or another. If you’re addressing your tweets to one person, try to indicate it so that others will know who you are referring to.

It’s a good idea to send replies often. Talking all day long is possible through Twitter – if that’s what you wish to do. Keep in mind followers like a person who knows how to listen as well as talk. You will probably find yourself laughing at dumb tweets but you must restrain yourself. Twitter is an application that allows people to communicate; so no matter how funny some tweets sound, try to appreciate them and reply courteously-do not attack anyone. Most Twitter users want to be heard on the web and if they find individuals who know how to listen, they are more interested in making friends.

In order to tweet better, you must be proactive.  Find some neat articles and helpful info online; when you find one, post it. Some might re-tweet it or you can find other users that are interested in meeting you and becoming Twitter buddies.  You don’t need to comment or write something all the time. Try to be careful in using your automatic messages and updates because you don’t want to become a pest to others with uninteresting info. You can also try using hashtags.  The keywords are preceded by # a number of users think that hashtags are really hot.

You can use (formerly tweetphoto) or click on the camera icon in TweetDeck to upload pictures. You can upload as many pictures as you wish, but choose your pics wisely. Your pictures can tell a lot about you and or the things that interest you. Through the pics, your followers can get to know you better. According to expert tweeters, pictures can tell a lot about you as compared to the posts you send.

Try these simple tips and be a better tweeter.   Why not? You have nothing to lose. If you’re new to Twitter, these tips can be very helpful. Don’t waste time anymore. Share neat stuff to your followers and your friends. Find interesting information or perhaps post promotional materials.

It’s up to you to use Twitter to the fullest. The site offers endless possibilities. Take advantage of them and have a great Twitter experience.