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An Email Signature Can Be A Good Way to Promote A Blog

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If you are planning to promote a blog, you may be asking yourself – how can I do it? And can it be done at a reasonable cost? Do not worry because there is an easy way to promote your blog and it can be done at no cost to you. All it takes is a few lines and that’s how the magic starts. A few lines in your email signature can make quite a bit of difference!

Tips for Writing an Effective Email Signature

An email signature doesn’t have to be long, your name, number, and perhaps a short pleasant phrase. Another way to look at an email signature is as an equivalent to a real world business card – its main purpose is to introduce you to visitors and readers and to provide them with a means to get in touch with you or find their way to your blog. Once you’ve composed your signature, include a link to your blog, and saved it in your email settings, and you’re all set.

Creating Your Email Signature Is Simple

An email signature is easy to set up and better yet, you can use it a thousand times each week and still not spend a single cent. Most popular email applications have a tool that allows you to set up your own email signature. This tool will then automatically add your signature to every email you send out.

If you have a Gmail account, just click settings at the top right of the page, under the general tab scroll down to signature, enter your name and/or a short phase, use the hyperlink option to include the URL to your blog, scroll to the bottom of the settings page and click the save button to save your new signature.

WiseStamp is another method of adding an email signature to bring functionality in every email you send. It not only works with Gmail, but also with other email service providers, such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, or any other webmail service. WiseStamp offers a little something extra, besides the ability to have a personal and business email signature; it has various apps, for sites like, Twitter, eBay and others. It allows you to share your latest tweet in your email, add the latest product you are selling on eBay to each email you send, and many other promotional options.

Imagine The Number of People You Send Email To

Branding is big business. Brands identify a product and are used by consumers to associate a company with a specific business or service. When you’re marketing online to promote your blog or your business, easily one of the most effective means to build your brand is using an email signature, one that will identify you and associate you with a specific type of service or information.

It is possible to send an email to thousands of people in just a single click of a button. That’s how powerful the Internet is, and it is an easy way to promote your blog. With your signature linked to your blog all the recipients of your email will be getting the direct link to your blog. This will certainly increase traffic on your site. It is obvious that with high traffic, the chances of your blog becoming more successful increase drastically. That’s the magic of email signatures.

With these tips in mind, you will have higher traffic of visits on your blog and that is definitely a win – win situation for you.


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