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There’s Not An App for That or Maybe Just Not One for You

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Apps There’s no question Apple’s App Store has a huge lead over its competitors- Apple continues to release new apps to make handheld gizmos more attractive and awesome – boasting more than 50,000 Apps. However, Google Android and Blackberry Apps are also named in this post for being among the privileged. Unlike the aforementioned, Apps are not designed for use on other cell phones and the owners of said devices are feed up. At least this Samsung owner is. is a mobile application that reads text (SMS) messages and emails aloud in real time and automatically responds without drivers touching the mobile phone. is claiming to be the solution to texting while driving. This is an app supporting safety and just the type of app that should be available to every cell phone capable of using apps – not just the precious iPhone, Android, & Blackberry.
I’ve been a loyal AAA member since the 80s, but can I get the free app they offer, no – because I don’t have an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.
Shoot! I pay a nice piece of change to AT&T each and every month for the privilege of using my cell phone which happens to have 3 main menu screens that contain apps. Including AT&T GPS and Navigator, and Social Net which provides access to FB, Twitter, MySpace in a format similar but not, to TweetDeck.

Even Directv has an app so that you can use their DVR scheduler to record programs on your DVR, but if you don’t have an iPhone or what they call a Smart Phone (implying my phone is dumb?), you’re S.O.L on this feature as well. Why can’t you simply use your phone’s web browser to get to the scheduler? Why must there be an app used, and since you have to use an app, why is there no app for other phones?
There’s an app for just about everything:

Movies, music, and naturally there are some game applications that you can install on your iPhone, so you won’t get bored while traveling. Another great iPhone application is called Showtime, this particular application is for movie lovers that want to research upcoming movies in the nearest theaters.
WeatherBug , is an app that will give you the current weather in the state you are currently in or even the whole country, it can also provide a map that shows the storm track. I have My-cast weather on my phone of course there’s an extra monthly fee for its use. Whatever you want to spend money on, the iWant application will be able to find it for you – whether it is food, lodging, gas, banks, even coffee. My phone has "where" also available for an additional monthly fee.

If you travel a lot, then you will definitely love one of the iPhone applications that will be able to update you with traffic. With this, you will be able to avoid heavy traffic in cities all over the United States. Another great application for international travelers is the language translator. With this great application, you will find it easier to communicate with other people where English is not their primary language.
There’s even a Mad Men cocktail culture app, so that you’ll be able to mix drinks like the characters on the AMC series Mad Men – how clever is that.
These are just examples of the thousands of applications that you can download and use with your iPhone. Whatever you want, you can be sure that you will find the right applications that you need – But where are my special apps?
Why can’t the rest of us, cell carrying gadget lovers be supplied with all the cool apps available for iPhone & Android? I know I know I can just get one of the Smartphones and become a member of the cool app club, but why should I and others like me have to buy yet another phone – extending our contracts, just so we can be a part of the elite app club?

Breaking news, as of 9.28.10 there is now a StumbleUpon app for, yes, the damn iPhone, iPad, and Android. Oh, did I forget to mention that the app is free.
Lastly, in the world of mobile phone technology and multimedia gadgetry, the iPhone (and it’s Android competitors) is considered to be one of the most amazing devices ever made. But it does put me in mind of when windows replaced DOS – just point and click, because users were too lazy to write the commands. So what do cell phone apps say about its savvy gizmo users that must have them – well, how else are we going to lose the few active brain cells we have left? But, if you want a mobile device that will be able to provide you with all the applications you need to make your life a bit easier; a Smartphone may be the device for you. Apple iPhone Applications Will Simply Amaze You – I think my phone has amazing features too, but I want it to be even more amazing – I want it to be a smart phone. Apparently I have no choice but to upgrade to the (Smartphone) Samsung Captivate next week.

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