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Blogging, Lazier/Easier Than Writing an Article???


In today’s seriously more developed (or is it) blogosphere world, the viewpoint of most journalists, is that blogs are basically a laymen’s non-fact-finding opinion of their own views, or merely a journal entry.

This post is still under-development, the meat and potatoes of this topic is still resonating in my head. Once it’s fully developed I will of course serve it up and share it with readers, I suspect since it is a blog post, it is my choice to do so. BTW, this wasn’t as easy as it may appear.

Stay tuned…


Author: Chrystal

Reading, Writing, And Enjoying A Creative Life.

2 thoughts on “Blogging, Lazier/Easier Than Writing an Article???

  1. If that’s a blog to be written roughly, without any research, any outline, then it is obviously easier than writing an article. However, if you think about professional bloggers, then blogging is same difficult as writing an article for, say a newspaper. However, a passionate person never finds it hard.

    • Thank you for your comment and for stopping by, do feel free to stop by often. I truly think writing is a difficult process when you are trying to convey engaging content, but if you’re merely banging out words just to fill a page, it’s a different story all together.

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