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Author, Writer or Pimped 2?

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Do recall, I posted an article entitled Author, Writer or Pimped? in that article I addressed issues concerning the (lack of) pay being offered to Writers.   It is not my intent to rewrite that particular article, but instead to periodically update and add information as it becomes available or considered noteworthy.  You’ve guessed it, I’ve run across some information that is truly worthy of attention.   As most Writers know, jobs in our profession have continue to lessen as time goes by and to make matters worst the few that are available aren’t offering  a decent enough rate to warrant ones’ attention.   As a matter-of-fact, the pay rate has become down right minuscule, which is not only insulting but degrading as well.   Needless to say, I have come across an ad that not only claims to need Writers but wants those Writers to be loyal and not abandon them.   And I’m just guessing, but I imagine they believe the rate they are offering for the skill level and loyalty they expect is an acceptable rate.  You be the judge.

“I am looking for great writers to add to my staff!


Hiring Writers for:

>UAWs (1 original article, 2 rewrites)

>Basic Articles (written in 3rd person, meaning do not put yourself in them at all.. no “I” or “me”)

Writers Should Be:

>Native Canadian or Native American (sorry but I’ve had too many issues from people of other countries)

>Excellent English (language, spelling, grammar, punctuation) Skills


>Professional (meaning, able to act in a professional manner. Able to take constructive criticism)

Pay Rates (USD):

100 words: $0.25

200 words: $0.50

300 words: $1.00

400 words: $1.50

500 words: $2.00

600+ depends on the project, but most are only 500 words.

Rewrites up to 500 words: $0.50

The ability to meet deadlines is necessary for any successful business. If you have frequent computer problems or other issues that prevent deadlines from being met (meaning if it becomes a habit), you will be let go. Please include your first name in a PM with your bid. Bids without this will not be considered, as it proves you read this posting.

Thanks, and I look forward to your bids!”

I think the above ad, cut & pasted from this site, goes beyond the pimp mentality, it is straight up Slavery!  Enough said, from me – I’m looking forward to your feedback.


Author: Chrystal

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