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Best Ways to Use Ghost Written Content

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If you are seriously blogging to build your business, brand recognition, or to position yourself as an expert in your field, you should consider getting the assistance of a ghost writer.

The term “ghost writer” is so mysterious that many people tend to shy away from using such a service. Don’t let the term scare you.

A ghost writer is simply a freelance writer. These writers earn money by writing for various individuals or businesses on a contract basis or per assignment. When you buy content from a ghost writer, you own all rights to the text . You can publish the articles under your name.

There are several websites from which you can hire freelance writers: and are just a couple.  Employers offer projects and writers bid on the jobs. They offer secure measures of payment and article receipt that benefit both the employer and the writer.

Most websites that feature freelance writers allow previous employers to leave comments about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Reading those comments can help you sift through and weed out ghost writing applicants.

Most of the websites also give writers the opportunity to upload a resume and samples of writings or photography.  Taking the time to review that information will give you a valuable look into the style and experience level of the writing applicants.

There are several ways you can best use ghost written content.  Use the articles you purchase and upload them to an article submission service.  Be sure to enter the maximum number of articles allowed so you will reap full benefit of the service.  Having someone else write your articles will save you a tremendous amount of time!  Allowing you the opportunity to focus on your business.

In addition, maybe you can make arrangements with your ghost writer to actually upload the content for you as part of the writer’s fee.  Always make sure you read the articles and give approval (or instructions for any changes that the writer must make).  Make sure your ghost writer understands that the articles may be uploaded only after official approval has been given;  so you can be certain to get the best content that suits your needs.

You can also benefit by using ghost written content on your blog.  Find a writer with a style you enjoy reading.  To reap most benefits from your ghost written articles, post them to Blogomator. At you can upload all your blog content, predetermine when they’ll post and you won’t have to worry about your blog site  for a long time!

Again, not only does Blogomator free up your time, using ghost written material means you have more time to concentrate on your business or cause!

If you will be using material written by several ghost writers, remember to choose writers with similar styles. After all, the articles or blogs they write are helping you to brand yourself or your business. You want to show consistency to build a respectable image.

Here’s another huge benefit of using ghost writers: you can appear to be a professional writer, even if you’ve never written an article yourself.  You will have the image of a professional writer and an expert in your field, without spending the amount of time your freelance writing does!

Content from ghost writers can also be used to help bridge the language gap that the Internet helped expose.  More and more people all over the world are starting online businesses.  Ghost writers can provide website content for the language of your choice.   Allowing you to effectively communicate with everyone in the world!

Don’t shy away from ghost writers just because you’ve never used one in the past.  Ghost writers can free up more time for you to enjoy or work on other aspects of your business.  You won’t have the worry about grammar or sentence structure, either!


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